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A good friend and training partner of mine recently posted an interesting article on his blog about perceptions of martial arts, where he recounted an amusing exchange between his girlfriend and a ‘muggle’ (i.e. a non martial artist, often characterised by their difficulty to wrap their head around the concept […]

(Em)power up!

One of my gripes in the martial arts world, is keyboard warriors and/or combat sport fanatics who insist that MMA and the like are the ultimate form of self defence. My answer to this has always been, and will remain to be, that no, MMA does not represent realistic self […]

Sport vs Street

Sometimes, an almost throwaway comment or observation can really get you thinking. Such was the case last night, when someone made the observation that they had mentioned my club to a few other people and the first question a lot of them asked was, not where is it or what […]


Well this took me by surprise, I’ve been asked to appear on the ‘Over to You’ segment of Huntingdon Community Radio at 7PM on 06/06/16 to talk about Self Defence Cambs. This will be a new experience, but hopefully great publicity for the club!

Radio debut

  An issue for me with a lot of traditional martial arts answers to self defence, is over-complication. In many arts there is a large syllabus of techniques, with each new grade bringing new techniques to the student’s repertoire, and it is certainly admirable as a skill set to have dozens of […]

It’s complicated

So what started out as me just jotting down some musings on my lunch breaks on the topic of self defence vs martial arts, ended up being way too long for a single post, so I’ve decided to break it down into a couple of topics.   One of the most prominent reasons as to […]

Compliance in training

Banners, check, equipment, check, leaflets, check, opening night is finally upon us tomorrow, really looking forward to kicking this thing off! Already got a couple of people signed up to come along and give it a try as well as the support of several friends, it’s shaping up to be a […]

Ready to rock and roll