About Me


 James Bylett

I have trained in martial arts for over 15 years and have the following experience and qualifications

FRACT Tactical, 2015-2019, Level 3 Foundation Coach
Kombat Cave UK, 2014-2017, Assistant Coach
Freestyle Kickboxing, 2000-2004 and 2010-2015, 1st Dan Black Belt
Aikikai Aikido, 2004-2008, 1st Kyu Brown Belt
Latosa Escrima, 2013-2015
Shirindo Ju-Jitsu, 2018-Present

DBS checked

I am at heart a very logical and methodical guy, I have a great appreciation for the skill and beauty of the traditional arts, but at the end of the day my brain works on a much more mechanical and matter of fact level, so throughout my training in sport and traditional martial arts, I often found myself asking the question ‘would this stuff actually work outside the relative safety of the dojo?'

Not entirely convinced despite many years of training, I decided to seek out a reality based training environment to better answer that ever present question, which saw me join Kombat Cave UK and focus my training along this route, adapting my existing knowledge and skills to better suit a more realistic approach to self defence. This change in direction of training also led by chance to me meeting the head coach of the FRACT Tactical fight system on a seminar. The system strongly resonated with me so I signed up to their coaching certification program to challenge myself to further improve my self defence knowledge and enhance my coaching skills. I subsequently qualified as a Level 3 Foundation coach with FRACT Tactical in 2016

I am a strong believer that critical thinking, analysis, and open mindedness to evolution of both technique and mindset, are just as important a part of training as physical skills. You can have the most spectacular looking techniques in the world, but if you haven't taken the time to carefully analyse how to best achieve those techniques against an opponent who isn't playing your game, and which techniques do and don't have a high chance of success in differing circumstances, then you have a serious flaw in your approach. Equally if you become too dogmatic in your existing approach, however well researched it might be, then you can easily miss out on new insights as to previously missed flaws, potential improvements, or just alternative points of view. I am dedicated to maintaining my own training and continually improving, I currently train in Jujitsu to expand my skill set and experience