Our classes are primarily built around the FRACT Tactical fight system, a stripped down approach to reality based self defence that works with a mantra of, “You could do that, but why would you do it?!”. It is a product of what is left from all the stuff that does not work, it changes as we learn, it’s adaptive, simple and complex at the same time. For more information check out the main FRACT Tactical website

Kombat Cave UK is the club that started me down the reality based self defence road and was where I trained and coached regularly for a few years. Admittedly as assistant coach I was a little biased, but the club is also headed up by a skilled instructor with great honesty and integrity, and the club had what I believe was a fantastic balance of a no-nonsense attitude towards the core material, but still a fun and friendly training environment. Kombat Cave is not currently running weekly classes but can be contacted regarding private sessions

Code Combat Arts is the club where I have trained in MMA. While I don't believe that MMA on it's own is the best form of training for self defence for a whole variety of reasons, I am of the belief that it is one of the best forms of complimentary training to reality based self defence, and Code comes highly recommend as an effective and friendly class run by a knowledgeable and open minded instructor. They also offer Ju Jitsu classes, and Taekwondo for all age groups

Blog set up by one of my good friends and training partners about his journey in martial arts, along with some interesting thoughts and musings. Well worth a read if you are at all interested in a keen practitioner's point of view